flashback fever: fianna [2001]

passion4bratzbratz wikila passion des bratz

i have a visceral memory of how much i loved this doll. as a lifelong sucker for sparkly things, i could stare at her makeup for hours. i'm not even sure whether or not i was aware of what character she was, that she was, in fact, not... yasmin? doesn't help that fianna's design was consistently inconsistent. i may be biased due to her position as one of my favorite dolls of all time, but she is by far the best to come out of this collection; a god level color scheme and truly top-tier 70s aesthetic sets her apart. i would die for these outfits - especially those pants, which [maybe a stretch] are giving frédérique!!!

it baffles me how much the other dolls missed the mark; the aesthetics are notably more tacky and the color schemes absolutely atrocious. for 3/4, the makeup in particular serves as a saving grace, but not chloe.

if i could god-mode & change the world, i would simply redesign these dolls and raise them to their full potential. i admit that i am not obsessed with the 80s look so i may be harsh, but wow this is a bad cloe. the rest are mediocre; they just look worse when placed next to fianna.

despite the unfulfilled potential, i of course have a soft spot for the yasmin doll. her hair [though not in this set of images] is super cute & aspirational. the style, arguably basic as it is, is adorable as well, and is the kind of 80s aesthetic that i'm more endeared towards. also, she's sparkly. (image source)